Hi! I'm Wioleta

Over the last years, while working with people, I have found that many of them want to change the current situation and feel more fulfilled and happy. But they don’t know where to start, whom to ask for advice?

I have experienced it too. I had almost everything that so-called “good life” should have and still,l I did not feel happy or fulfilled. I realized I was organizing my life according to what the “society thinks” is the best way, not according to my true values. I have changed that and you can change it too.

Over the years I have learned, tested and developed powerful techniques to re-design my life and lives of people whom I work with.

It is a result of 10+ years of my experience in the Western science-based approach in the area of personal growth, mentorship, leadership development, recruitment, life coaching, and soft skills training combined with the Eastern philosophy.

Now I am happy to share it with YOU too!

I love working with people who want to make their life more meaningful – people who care about reaching their higher potential. Those who are not afraid to challenge themselves and the status quo. People who want to make a difference through their knowledge, talent, and skills.

Specialties about me that I use in my coaching practice:

  1. Organization and process – I can gather “big data”, segregate, put them in order and make sense out of them, so that the action plan makes sense and is systemic.
  2. Simplicity and clarity – I am a minimalist. I use as less things as possible. What I do, needs to be understandable, clear and necessary.
  3. East and West fusion – I am not afraid to ask existential questions and surrender to the unknown. At the same time I like my steps to be logical and goal oriented.
  4. Listen with careI like to create space for people to express themselves, share their stories. I believe we learn from each person we encounter, whether it is professionally or privately. None of the stories is good or bad, its real and that’s what matters.
  5. Care for nature and communities – I believe we are all part of the beautiful system of this unique planet. Therefore we are interrelated. By “we” I mean people, animals, plants, weather, climate, water, and earth; everything else that surrounds us. What we inhale, the trees exhale and what we exhale, the trees inhale. If we love ourselves truly, we know how to love nature too.
  6. Honest and blunt – Even a surgeon sometimes needs to cut off someone’s leg before the infection could put his or her life at risk. In the same way, I feel obligated to point and cut off rotten ideas and beliefs when it is absolutely necessary.
  7. Freedom – I consider myself as a lifelong learner and explorer. For that, I need “space” and freedom to be myself. I respect that others need that space too.

Official Bio

Wioleta Burdzy Seth is a life coach and trainer from Poland with 10+ years of experience. She is the co-founder of Human Circle – an organization with a mission to enable young people to connect their passion with career and purpose. The flagship event called “Young India Challenge #DoWhatYouLove” has been organized already for 1500+ selected people who have participated from all over India.

She loves traveling and has been to more than 27 countries so far. After studying and working in several countries like Greece, Poland, Belgium, Great Britain, and India, she is currently based in India and pursuing her mission to create an impact on the young generation. She is passionate about raising the self-awareness of individuals to follow their passion and make an impact.


She has been based in India since 2013 and has trained/mentored/coached a large number of people. She considers herself as a lifelong learner and has a variety of academic accomplishments to her credit:


1) Masters in Social Psychology from University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, Poland and University of Leuven, Belgium (Most Innovative University in Europe – 2016 Rankings) – 2008

2) Certified trainer for ‘Active Learning Methods’ from Intra Poland – Centre for Help and Psychological Education – 2010

3) ‘The Art & Science of Coaching’ from Ericsson International, Canada – 2015

4) ‘Process Oriented Psychology’ from Process Work Institute of India, Mumbai – 2020


In 2017 she was invited for the Worldwork conference in Greece, where the theme of the event was: Deep Democracy in a World of Divides – Shifting Consciousness in Politics, Economy, Ecology, and Relationships.


Previously, during her corporate career, she was a specialist in human resource areas like training, recruitment, learning, and development. She has worked in several multi-national companies like Statoil and INDITEX (Zara etc.).

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